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Dental Services

Dental Services

Lumineers is a painless procedure that will bring back your smile.  With it, you don’t have any reason to hide your smile while in public.

Crown and bridges are dental procedures. Crowns are suitable for improving the strength or appearance of the teeth. Bridges are for replacing missing teeth.

Implant restoration is a dental procedure for replacing missing teeth. This increases your self-esteem and the way you chew and talk.

Laser treatment is a light beam that sterilizes infected teeth areas with precision. It is also used for crown lengthening, bone shaping, and oral surgery.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment used to whiten teeth. The process involves using a peroxide gel added to a mouth guard-like tray. This ensures it has direct access to the surface of the tooth. You can do it in the office or at home.

Dental vibe is an instrument used to prevent the pain of intra-oral injections. It is a simple, handheld tool that helps to soothe the area where an injection is given. It prevents the patient from feeling pain.

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