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Crowns and Bridges


Dental crowns are tooth-shaped casings that are anchored with dental cement, and have a comfortable fit over the natural tooth. Crowns are used for weak, cracked teeth that cannot bear a replacement fill. They improve the teeth’s strength and make them look better.

Before a dental crown is fitted, tooth/teeth impressions must be obtained as this is what will be used to construct the crown.

Porcelain and gold are the two most common materials used for the construction of crowns.

Each has its own attributes. With gold, you do not need to chip away much of the tooth and it is easier to work with than porcelain. Gold is usually used out of sight, on the posterior teeth. Porcelain, however, looks more natural and attractive.


Dental bridges are also made from either gold or porcelain. They are used in closing up the gap that arises from one or several missing tooth or teeth. A bridge consists of two or more crowns for the anchor teeth at the two ends of the gap, and false replacement tooth/teeth located in between. Bridges often serve as another option to dentures and dental implants.

Advantages of dental bridges include:

  • They provide teeth stability.
  • They prevent teeth wear.
  • They correct bad chewing.
  • They help maintain a good facial structure.
  • Dental bridges give a natural look.
  • They promote attractive smiles.
  • They last longer.
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