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What is a Root Canal?

The treatment procedure used to salvage an infected or severely decayed tooth is known as root canal. If left untreated, the surrounding tissues of the teeth may equally become infected, with a high risk of abscess development. You can also use the term “root canal” to describe the tooth’s natural cavity, which is also the area located in the middle of the tooth. The root canal also accommodates the tooth nerves and the pulp.

Note that the basic function of dental nerves is only in a sensory capacity – indicating cold and hot sensations. Once the teeth have erupted over the gums, the presence or absence of nerves will no longer have any effect on the daily functions of the tooth.

Why does tooth pulp need to be removed?

The damage of a tooth’s pulp or nerves causes the tooth to disintegrate, providing a favorable environment inside the pulp chamber for the growth of bacteria. The formation of an abscessed tooth can also warrant the removal of tooth pulp. Abscess forms when an infection in the mouth attacks the bottom of the tooth roots.

Abscess is not the only result of infection in the root, other manifestations of tooth root infection are:

  • Loss of bone at the top of the root.
  • Swelling of surrounding areas of the tooth – head, face, and neck.
  • Poor drainage from the root.
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