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First Visit

During your initial or first visit to our office, we will conduct several examinations in order to have more knowledge on the nature of your problem, and the best possible way to treat it. If a root canal problem is diagnosed, we would immediate schedule you for a treatment appointment. In situations of extreme pain, we would handle your treatment as an emergency and do our best to ease your pains. Once we have stabilized your pains, we will then schedule you for follow-up visits.

We will need the following information during your initial visit examination.

  • The names of all your current medications.
  • Your reference note.
  • Any X-ray records you may have.

We will also need your insurance card if available. However, if your insurance card is not available, you can instead provide us with your phone number, group name, and subscriber number. These details will help in the quick processing of your insurance claim.

TAKE NOTE: It is mandatory that all minor patients (those below age 18), come with a parent/guardian for this initial visit.

If there are some ailments for which you are presently taking some medications, it is important you tell us about them. These ailments and medications include diabetes, high blood pressure, rheumatic fever, heart medications, aspirin, etc.


Please forward to us any X-ray result of examinations conducted by your doctor/dentist because they are very important in taking the right decision concerning any treatment plan. If you used digital radiography, you can forward the results by email to our email address. We will produce extra copies in our office as necessary.

Did You Know?

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