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Children’s Dentistry

We have built a longstanding culture of making our junior patients have a fun filled and enjoyable stay with each visit to our office. Children always receive special attention from us. We aim to help these little ones attain healthy dental culture, which will go a long way to ensure a good dental health that will last them a lifetime.

Because of our extensive association and experience with children, we recommend that they get involved in scheduled dental appointments from the early age of three. This early introduction reduces fear and phobia in children, and helps them develop and maintain healthy dental habits through their teen years and into adulthood.

It is worth noting that the early detection of an impending dental problem is essential in preventing further damage. A child’s dental record built over the years is a veritable tool in taking preventive actions and making a diagnosis that is more accurate.

All adolescents witness changes in oral health and this often brings about fear, tension, and anxiety, but having regular dental visits early in life will help conquer these emotions.

Tips for a child’s First Visit:

  • Tell your child stories about your own personal good dental experiences.
  • Identify appropriate materials (Internet, literature, etc.) for use in creating awareness about the role of a dentist.
  • Get your child familiarized with the office through a virtual office tour.

Some of the tests your dentist will perform with during a first dental visit include:

  • Examination of the child’s teeth, gum, and mouth.
  • Determination of the child’s fluoride need.
  • Assessment of any bad dental habits your child may have e.g. tongue thrusting.
  • Run demonstrations for the child on the proper way to clean the gums and teeth.
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