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There are several reasons why the removal of a tooth will become necessary. It could be because of broken teeth, the removal of wisdom teeth, or for the correction of teeth misalignment.

Dental extractions can be either surgical or non-surgical, and the method employed depends on the condition of the teeth. If a tooth partly breaks in an inaccessible area, e.g. inside the gum, surgical intervention would be appropriate. The surgeon will make cuts, which will expose the hidden part of the tooth for necessary action. Non-surgical method involves the use of dental elevator and forceps for the removal of a whole tooth. With both methods, a form of anesthesia is often administered to reduce the pain.

Post-extraction healing

It is normal for bleeding to occur in the first hour after teeth extraction. It usually takes this length of time for blood clots to form in the empty socket created by the extracted teeth. It takes a further one week for the wound over this socket to heal properly. In the next one to two months after this, soft gum tissue will grow over this space before a permanent bone restructuring, which can take place within a minimum of six months.

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