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Dental Implant Placement

Rendering of jaw with dental implant Dental implants are synthetic tooth roots, which a periodontist inserts into the jaw to anchor a bridge or replacement tooth. They look and feel natural, and are the perfect solution for those who have lost some teeth because of accident, injury, disease etc.

Generally, dental implants can last you a lifetime if they are properly inserted by an expert, and carefully maintained by the patient. Your periodontist has a major role to play in this procedure because he has been trained properly in this area. He is also well equipped with the right instruments to handle any complications. Therefore, they must be part of any team of dentists handling a dental implant procedure. This procedure involves attaching the implants very tightly to blend with the gum and jawbones.

Prior to performing the procedure, your dentist and periodontist will discuss with you and agree on the best method and time to use in applying the implants. Each implant procedure is unique because each patient’s need is different from the other, so you will get a treatment plan specifically designed to give you the solution you deserve.

Below are the different procedures that you may receive during a dental implant.

•  Modification of the ridge: Defects in the top or bottom jaws can bring about insufficient bone mass for anchoring the implants. This can be rectified by using some bone or bone composite material to build up the ridge. The gum is first elevated to expose the ridge, therefore giving the periodontist access to work on the ridge. When properly done, a modified ridge is essential to a successful implant procedure, which can last you a long time.

•  Augmentation of the sinus: The top back jaw has always been a difficult place to insert dental implants. This is because of how close it is to the sinus, and due to the inadequate bone mass and quality there. Augmentation of the sinus can provide the support needed for a successful implant. This is done by elevating the sinus floor and building up the bone there to receive the implants.

•  Single tooth replacement: A crown and single implant are enough to replace a missing natural tooth. The implant is adequate substitute for both the missing tooth and its root.

•  Replacement of some of the teeth: Here, you can make use of bridges anchored on implants to replace the missing teeth. The implants are adequate substitutes for both the missing teeth and some of their roots.

•  Replacement of all the teeth: In the event that there is loss of all the teeth in the mouth, a complete set of bridge or denture anchored on an implant is used to replace the lost teeth.

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